Osteoporosis: Treatment

Osteoporosis treatment has radically changed in a relatively short period. In the early 1990s, women had few treatment options. Now, there are many different types of treatments available. This has created a dilemma for women trying to decide which, if any, of these medications they need. Women want to know when it is appropriate to … Continued

What Options Are Available to Manage Hot Flashes

Do bioidentical hormones relieve night sweats & hot flashes? Are they safe for consumption? I really need your help!   There are various methods for managing menopausal symptoms. It’s important for women to have comprehensive information about the treatment options available so they can decide which one is best for them. Bioidentical hormones, often marketed … Continued

What Herbal Therapies are Safe and Beneficial for Menopausal Symptoms

I recently visited my gynecologist to discuss my menopause symptoms. My doctor told me there were herbal therapies that could help my symptoms. My question is what herbal therapies are safe and beneficial for menopausal symptoms?   Many women are concerned about the proven risks from menopause hormone therapy and want to learn more about … Continued

Natural Doesn’t Always Mean Better!

This week the National Women’s Health Network was back at the FDA fighting for medically accurate information about the dangers of hormone therapy during menopause. We have sounded the alarm before about products touted as “bioidentical” or “natural” that sound like a safer alternative to conventional hormone therapy drugs but likely carry the same increased … Continued

Multigenerational Hormone Use – Know the Risks!

Consumers often go to great lengths to look and feel better, not always fully understanding the risks they expose themselves to by jumping on a fad bandwagon or by taking a medication they haven’t carefully researched. The same goes for hormones prescribed to avoid an unintended pregnancy or to improve sexual responsiveness among menopausal or … Continued

Hormone Risk Throughout the Lifespan

Millions of women take hormones every day, and yet many don’t fully realize the risks. People often forget that the birth control pill, revolutionary, game-changing medicine, is in fact, a drug. In its early form, “the Pill” had such high hormone levels and negative side effects that women, and the women’s health community, protested — … Continued

KEEPS on Keeping On

The myth that menopausal hormone therapy prevents heart attack and dementia should have died a swift death after the definitive results of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) a dozen years ago. But the concept that hormones might prevent some disease —in some women, somewhere, sometime, somehow — just keeps rising from the grave. The Kronos … Continued

Menopause Hormone Therapy and Breast Cancer

Since the early 2000s, the use of menopausal hormone therapy has continued to decline after the initial findings of the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) showed an increased risk of breast cancer and serious cardiac events with the use of estrogen plus progestin. The decline in MHT has been paralleled by a concomitant decrease in breast … Continued

Menopause Hormone Therapy and Ovarian Cancer

For decades, women approaching and experiencing menopause have been advised by their doctors and urged by extensive advertising campaigns to use hormone therapy to treat symptoms, like hot flashes and vaginal dryness, and to ward off age-related illness and conditions, like heart disease and wrinkles. With the release of results from the Women’s Health Initiative … Continued

Menopause Hormone Therapy: Timing Doesn’t Matter

It’s OK when you have symptoms, but don’t use it for prevention. The National Women’s Health Network has always supported menopause hormone therapy (HT) for symptom relief. Most symptoms associated with menopause are worse immediately before or after periods finally stop, but some, like vaginal dryness, can cause problems for women many years after menopause. … Continued