Clues, Confirmations, and Questions About Hot Flashes

Women who experience hot flashes for years or even decades after their final menstrual period have one burning (!) question: when will they end? Well, depends on who you ask: in the past, doctors often said hot flashes (officially, menopausal vasomotor symptoms), would last maybe six months to two years. Lately, updated clinical guidelines put … Continued

Abortion Without Provider Involvement!

When I looked up the word “autonomy” in the Webster’s dictionary, it was defined as the right to self-government. Nowhere near that word did I find Democrat or Republican or any other political party affiliation. For years, anti-choice politicians have made it their mission to decrease a woman’s access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare options.  This … Continued

Snapshots – March/April 2017

Male doctors might want to start taking notes from their female colleagues. A study examined a random sample of medical records for older patients hospitalized at one facility from 2011 through 2014. More than 1.5 million hospitalizations of patients aged 65 older were analyzed for 30-day mortality and readmission rates, and compared between the hospital’s … Continued

Young Feminist: That’s DOCTOR Gomez, thank you!

By Anna Gomez I am going to be a physician. It is important for me to make this statement without any qualifiers or conditionals, because lately I have been adding both when explaining my career plans. I’ll say, “I’m thinking about going to medical school,” or “We’ll see, this is the plan right now.” This … Continued

RX for Change: Jane’s History Resonates

When I decided to write The Story of Jane, a history of Chicago’s underground, feminist abortion service that operated before Roe v. Wade, I had a few goals in mind: first, the Abortion Counseling service, aka Jane, was an important piece of the women’s movement’s history that needed to be better known. I also thought … Continued

Domestic Abuse and Brain Injury in Women

By C. M. Shifflett Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is caused by a concussion (a blow or jolt to the head) or loss of blood and oxygen supply to the brain. TBI survivors are often told that they may have a headache and be a bit emotional for a few days. In fact, the consequences of even … Continued

Development Column: Take a monthly stance for women’s rights!

Collective Champions are a special group of the Network’s most passionate and forward-thinking supporters – leaders just like you. They care deeply about investing in our work and do so by contributing each month through automatic monthly gifts. The next four years will bring an alarming number of battles over women’s rights, and no one … Continued