Young Feminist: Shame Education… I mean SEX education!

By Whitney Gray My experience with sexual education growing up was very limited. If anything, my attitude toward sex ed was, “I know what sex is, so what else do I need to know?” My middle school inserted sex education into our required health class, and sent a letter home letting parents know they could opt … Continued

Young Feminist: That’s DOCTOR Gomez, thank you!

By Anna Gomez I am going to be a physician. It is important for me to make this statement without any qualifiers or conditionals, because lately I have been adding both when explaining my career plans. I’ll say, “I’m thinking about going to medical school,” or “We’ll see, this is the plan right now.” This … Continued

Focus on the Needs of Pregnant and Nursing Women

There is a reason feminists have been declaring “the personal is political” for decades. We all go through peaks and dips in our feminist convictions as our experiences and exposures grow. Some days you might not think about being a feminist at all, while other days it might course through you with exhilaration, frustration, or … Continued

Young Feminist: Why Bathrooms Are a Women’s Health Issue

By Sarah Eldiasty Out of the millions of qualities that divide us, we share a select few. We all eat, sleep and defecate. As much as we like to ignore it, bathrooms are an important part of our lives. For some, bathrooms are more than a place to rid waste; they represent a source of … Continued

Young Feminists: I Love You, Georgetown, But We Have a Problem

Georgetown University is a prestigious academic institution and home to some of the brightest minds in the United States. Like all universities, however, Georgetown has its imperfections. Perhaps its greatest fault is students’ lack of access to contraceptives on campus. Georgetown is a Jesuit institution, so the Ethical and Religious Directives of Catholic Health Care … Continued

Young Feminist: Sex-Positive Feminism & Safety

I identify as a sex-positive feminist. This means that, for me, sexual freedom is closely tied to my belief in gender equality and personal freedom, and that sex has the ability to empower me individually and in sexual and romantic relationships. It brings me physical pleasure, inspires pride in my body, and gives me both … Continued

Young Feminists: A Dependent Adult

It was October of my freshman year at Penn State University, and I awoke in a panic. The pain seared across my lower back and wrapped around my hips. I tried to get out of my bed and found that the pain was so intense that any time I moved my legs, I felt as … Continued