Together We Did It! But the Fight Isn’t Over!

With our system back online, we didn’t want to miss the chance to share our new blog post on everything women have gained through the ACA. The law has not only improved health outcomes for women but also provided much greater financial independence and stability.

But even with our system down, NWHN staff were hard at work keeping up the pressure on Congress to defeat the bill that would have gutted Medicaid, slashed financial support for low- and moderate-income households, and blocked Planned Parenthood from accepting Medicaid. You can read more about just how bad the bill was through our Raising Women’s Voices initiative here.

In the end, Republican leaders were forced to scrap the bill before it even came up for a vote. What we heard over and over again from our allies in Congress is that your calls, emails, town hall questions, rally signs, and public pressure made the difference!

But our work to save the ACA isn’t over. While this legislative effort is dead, there are still ways for the Trump administration to sabotage the law behind the scenes. For instance, they can strip guaranteed contraceptive coverage from millions of women, de-stabilize insurance markets, or undermine key consumer protections through executive action alone. And based on the response from our nation’s Tweeter-in-chief, that appears to be just their intent if we turn our backs.

Look for ways you can participate in events and phone banks near you through lists managed by the Center for America Progress, Organizing for America, Indivisible, and more. It's critical to keep making your voice heard. And don’t forget to support our efforts to fight attempts to take away our care!

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