We Spoke Up and They Took Action

Over the past couple of years, the National Women’s Health Network through our Raising Women’s Voices project has been hard at work pressuring the Administration to crack down on insurers that have imposed restrictions on a woman’s preferred method of contraception.

We’ve highlighted the impact that these contraceptive coverage restrictions have had on poor women, women of color and LGBT people, particularly when they are denied no co-pay coverage of expensive methods like patches, vaginal rings, or certain IUDs.

Today’s announcement is a big step in the right direction. The Administration heard our concerns and demands for federal action and took the necessary steps to ensure that women receive access to the full range of contraceptives and associated services, without additional fees or need for wrangling with their insurers.

Through our Raising Women’s Voices project, we will continue working with our network of state-based allies to monitor compliance to ensure that that the ACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate is fully enforced. You can count on us to make sure that women get the coverage they deserve, no matter where they live. Stand behind the work of the Network, by giving to our 40th Anniversary Annual Fund Campaign.