Women Won…Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Insurance

In the five years since its enactment, the ACA has made vitally important health care available to millions of women who lacked insurance, through premium tax subsidies to make the cost of insurance more affordable in the marketplace exchanges coupled with expanded Medicaid eligibility. Women, especially those who struggle with economic barriers to health care, have benefited enormously from protections and benefits offered by the ACA. Nearly 7 million women, including those already enrolled, will be eligible for tax credits in 2016 to reduce the cost of their monthly health insurance premiums.

The ACA was challenged by opponents determined to undermine this historic advance in health care, but we fought hard to defend the health care law and we won! While more work needs to be done to improve the ACA we are delighted that the highest court in the land has ruled that millions of women and their families will be able to retain affordable access to health insurance with subsidies to help them pay the cost of their premiums.

We are proud of this victory. We have worked far too long to go back to the broken health care system we had before. Thank you for standing with us in defense of the affordable health coverage and care we need to live long, healthy lives. Make your most generous gift to our Raising Women's Voices campaign today.