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You’re busy getting a degree so you can start your career. Maybe you’re taking additional courses to change paths.

Nowadays, it isn’t uncommon to see jobs requiring years of experience with a robust portfolio… for an entry level position. While you’re focusing on getting your education and growing your skills, employers are demanding real world experience, too.

That’s where Young Feminist comes in.

Young Feminist is a series in our quarterly print newsletter, The Women’s Health Activist. These 600 – 1,000-word articles are authored by students ages 18-30 across the United States on a timely topic related to advancing women’s access to healthcare and equality. Whether you’re pursuing undergraduate, master’s, or professional development level coursework, we want to showcase your knowledge in The Women’s Health Activist.

What’s in it for you?

As a Young Feminist contributor, you will have:

  • Your name in the by-line, which you can include in your resume, portfolio, LinkedIn profile, and anywhere else you showcase your successes
  • A published article by a credible national organization to show potential employers
  • Over 37,000 people accessing your article across our print and digital newsletter lists and social media accounts
  • A LinkedIn recommendation by a senior NWHN team member so potential employers have even more ways of understanding the benefits of hiring you

What can you expect from the process?

There are only three steps to becoming a Young Feminist author.

  1. Submit your abstract: write up to 250 words summarizing the thesis of your article, its main points, and why it’s timely and relevant to our readership of progressive supporters of feminism and health equality. We’d also love to learn more about you and your educational, professional, or lived experiences in this area so please include a biography up to 60 words.
  2. Be chosen as a contributor: if you’re chosen, our editor will reach out and provide you with the details and deadlines for your final 600 to 1,000-word article.
  3. Brag about it: Put your article on your resume, add it to your LinkedIn profile, tell potential employers, and have your mom hang it on her fridge.
YF Steps for Submission

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