Your Health Insurance is At Risk

Any day now the Supreme Court Justices will hand down their decision on the King v. Burwell case. If the Court decides against us, millions of low income women and families will lose their health insurance subsidies. The plaintiffs are trying to undermine the clear intention of the law to provide insurance subsidies to everyone who needs them, no matter where they live. The future of the ACA is being tested once again by opponents determined to undermine this historic advance in health care.

As you already know, the access and affordability pillars of the Affordable Care Act have already improved the health, lives and well-being of millions of women and families throughout the U.S. Uninsurance rates are lower than they’ve been in decades. The ACA has helped us get the preventative care we need to stay healthy and the treatment to manage our acute, chronic and life-threatening health care needs.

A bad outcome in the King v. Burwell case could be devastating for the millions of low and middle income Americans who struggle with economic barriers to health care. Without tax credits their monthly health insurance premiums would be too expensive to afford.

That is why we are letting you know that no matter what the Supreme Court decides, you can count on us to raise our voice in defense of the health care every women needs and deserves. Forward along this message to friends and family and stay tuned to the NWHN website for news about the Supreme Court ruling. Stand with us to defend the important gains the ACA is delivering for women and our health.