2023 Media Highlights

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July 2023

  • Congresswoman Cori Bush | The NWHN endorsed the Reproductive Health Care Accessibility Act
  • AXIOS | The Network's research on the cost of birth control pills was cited in an article covering the FDA's approval of the first over the counter birth control pill
  • AOL.COM | The Network was cited for its "Is the G-spot real?" article in an overview on sex toys in celebration of  National Orgasm Day

June 2023

  • Congresswoman Cori Bush | The NWHN endorsed the reintroduction of the Protect Sexual and Reproductive Health Act
  • DNYUZ | The Network was mentioned as the fiscal sponsor of Plan C in regards to accessing medication abortion
  • Rewire News Group | The Network's work with SisterSing on the LARC Statement of Principles was mentioned in an article raising red flags for Upstream USA's promise to "transform contraceptive care"

May 2023

  • Newsweek | Newsweek quoted policy consultant Kristen Batstone's rebuttal to Lauren Boebert's inaccurate statement that having kids is cheaper than birth control
  • The New York Times | The NWHN's former Executive Director Cindy Pearson was quoted in a New York Times opinion piece about why the FDA should make birth control over-the-counter
  • Axios | The NWHN's research on birth control cost was cited in an Axios article about the OTC birth control debate
  • Congresswoman Cori Bush | The NWHN endorses a congressional resolution recognizing America's first Black nurse

April 2023

  • Yahoo Finance and AP News | An OP-ED written by The Network's Executive Director Denise Hyater-Lindenmuth regarding breast cancer clinical trials was republished
  • Congresswoman Chelle Pingree | The NWHN endorsed legislation cosponsored by Maine’s First Congresswoman that would protect FDA guidelines to ensure medication abortion remains available through telehealth and certified pharmacies, including mail-order pharmacies
  • Women Working | Former NWHN Executive Director Cindy Pearson is quoted heavily as an expert on aging women and cardiac issues

March 2023

  • Yahoo News and the Miami Herald | NWHN Board Member Monika Skoko-Rodriguez's Op Ed "Six-week abortion ban in Florida would steal women’s authority over their own bodies" was republished
  • National Geographic Science | NWHN Staff Member Kristen Batstone was quoted in an article on the relationship between syphilis and current STI trends
  • GLAM | The NWHN's content on birth control use and safety was quoted in an article regarding period myths
  • Human Rights Watch | The NWHN's consumer health information on the abortion pill and miscarriage was cited in a letter to the UN Special Procedures on Abortion Rights in the US, which was elevated by Human Rights Watch

February 2023

  • Congresswoman Cori Bush | The Network was named as an endorser of a bill to protect access to medication abortion introduced by Congresswoman Cori Bush and Senator Smith. 
  • The Lancet | The Network was named in a major study on the abortion landscape in Kentucky, contributed to by board member Meredith Field
  • HealthDigest | An article written by the NWHN entitled "Age, Weight, and my Sex Drive" was cited in a Health Digest piece about how to increase libido naturally.
  • George Washington University | Denise Hyater-Lindemuth - Executive Director of the NWHN was congratulated in an alumni publication for her new position at The Network

January 2023

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