Breast Health

Our Track Record

The NWHN’s work on breast health has helped decrease the incidence rate of breast cancer cases nationwide. We were one of the first organizations to call on the FDA to require studies on the safety of breast implants in the ‘90s, and continue to raise awareness today about Breast Implant Illness. The United States Preventive Services Taskforce has proposed guidance to lower the screening age for breast cancer to 40 years, and encourages screenings every two years, however The Network supports annual screenings, as studies have shown that women benefit from them.

What’s Next

The Network will be broadening our breast health scope of influence by focusing on:

  • Advancing breastfeeding awareness, education, and support to promote health equity.  
  • Advocating for increased federal funding for breast cancer research and focusing on diversity in clinical trials.
  • Supporting initiatives to ensure health insurance plans cover all breast screening options without cost-sharing, especially options to screen women with dense breasts, who are more likely to go undetected with breast cancer.

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