Our Track Record

The NWHN believes that people can and do make good decisions about contraception (commonly known as birth control) when they are provided with reliable and complete information about their choices. That’s why we consistently provide evidence-based, up-to-date acts on current and emerging contraception methods. We also led the development of the LARC Statement of Principles. This ground-breaking, scientifically sound, socio-political mission statement is used by thousands of providers and policymakers to inform their actions around contraception and guard against reproductive coercion. Recently, due to our advocacy efforts, the FDA approved the first-ever OTC oral contraceptive, Opill. We support initiatives that expand coverage options for OTC contraception at no cost to the consumer. 

What’s Next

The Network will continue to make sure that contraception is safe, accessible, and affordable to all people. We will also continue to stringently review new and emerging methods for their safety and reliability. We are working to advance the following policies:

  • Codifying the right to contraception for patients while protecting health care providers who provide access to them.
  • Increasing quantity limits for contraception from 1-3 month quantities to a full year to remove unnecessary barriers to access.
  • Encouraging the Biden Administration to ensure OTC birth control products like Opill are available to consumers at no extra cost.
  • Endorsing the Access to Contraception for Servicemembers and Dependents Act to provide contraception at no out of pocket cost through health plans used by service members.

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