Meet Our Network Partners

Meet Our Partners

The National Women’s Health Network is just that – a network of individuals and organizations working together to advance health care access and equity nationwide. We work closely with the following initiatives by providing administrative support, thought partnership, and technical assistance so that they can do what they do best – help people on the ground in need of care. Read on to learn more about them.


Plan C is a public health meets creative campaign, started in 2015 by a small but mighty team of veteran public health advocates, researchers, social justice activists and digital strategists. Plan C transforms access to abortion in the US by normalizing the self-directed option of abortion pills by mail. Plan C envisions a near future in which the ability to end an early pregnancy is directly in the hands of anyone who seeks it.

Impact At A Glance
Over the past six years, Plan C has transformed abortion care access by:

  • Reaching millions of people with information on self-managed abortion
  • Inspiring the launch of research and telemedicine studies
  • Creating hotlines, legal assistance programs, and other consumer resources.

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The M+A hotline is a team of pro-abortion clinicians with years of experience in caring for miscarriage and abortion. These clinicians freely give their time to the public by operating an anonymous hotline from 8AM to 11PM via phone or text to give expert advice on self-managing miscarriage and abortions. They respond within 1 hour, and operate on confidential, private, and secure servers.

Impact At A Glance
No one else is offering this kind of text and phone support, especially in a person’s time of need. To date, the M+A hotline has helped thousands of callers per year in an ever-changing, now post-Roe landscape.

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The Appalachian Abortion Support Collective (AASC) is a local source of information for people seeking abortion information in and around Boone, North Carolina.

Impact At A Glance

  • 91% of NC counties have no clinics providing abortions.
  • 4,000 Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) exist to keep people from having abortions in the U.S.
  • 25% of women in America today will have abortions by the time they are 45.

AASC is currently focused on expanding abortion access by providing accurate, unbiased information to the public.

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ACT (Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine)

Abortion Coalition for Telemedicine Access (ACT Access) strives to make timely, affordable telemedicine abortion available from licensed providers to people anywhere in the United States.

Impact At A Glance
ACT Access was founded in 2022 to advance state laws and policies recognizing abortion as a human right and to support the work of clinicians and activists providing reproductive health care through telemedicine. While there are many abortion-support organizations, there are no organizations dedicated to passing telemedicine shield laws and assisting those organizations with implementation.

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Hydra Fund

The Hydra Fund is an independent mutual aid fund supporting access to reproductive care in Michigan.

Impact At A Glance
The Hydra Fund was established in 2022, and aims to eliminate financial barriers to abortion access in Michigan by providing direct financial aid for purchasing abortion pills, obtaining in-clinic abortion procedures, as well as funding practical support such as transportation, childcare, and accommodations for those who must travel for their abortion care. They host community outreach programs, workshops, and provide additional resources on their website.

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Frontline Repro Freedom Lab (FRFL)

The Frontline Repro Freedom Lab partners with frontline advocates for reproductive freedom to provide innovative strategic support that will improve access now in states and build a stronger movement across the country. FRFL is a partner of the National Women’s Health Network and an incubated project of Harrison Clark, with its pilot phase launching in March 2024.

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