Sexual & Reproductive Health

Our Track Record

Since our first protest as outsiders on the steps of the FDA, we’ve become change-making insiders and frequentlyinvited testifiers in the halls of power regarding sexual & reproductive health issues. Most notably, we sponsor Plan C and the Miscarriage + Abortion Hotline, which help thousands of people access sexual and reproductive health care every day.

What’s Next

We cannot be full citizens of this country until they have complete sexual and reproductive autonomy, access, and justice. The Network will stand strong in support of the following issues during a time when these essentials are being threatened in a post-Roe world:  

  • Access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion care for all.  
  • Safe, affordable access to all proven forms of contraception.  
  • Prevention and screening for Estrogen Dependent Cancer.  
  • Promoting sexual well-being via robust sex education, healthy relationship and consent education, the importance of sexual pleasure, and more.  

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