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Your Vote is Your Power

And if we vote? We could change everything.

Does your morning doom scroll look something like this:  

Did an abortion ban cost a young Texas woman her life?”  
“Some states are already targeting birth control.”  
Child birth deadlier for Americans, especially Black women, study finds.”  
“Bill introduced in West Virginia would categorize Trans people as “obscene matter.”  

This can all feel terrifying. Overwhelming. Unbeatable.

But it’s not. We’ve done the math. Women’s health and voting rights are inextricably linked. Our votes can save lives, restore bodily autonomy, and transform the country into a place where women and people assigned female at birth are full citizens again.  

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  • How to vote if you’re facing complex “what if” scenarios – e.g., you’re a student living away from home, trans, recently incarcerated, a new citizen, or will be abroad on election day
  • Health issue education on topics like: women’s health and voting rights, abortion, birth control, sex ed, data privacy, gender-affirming care, affordable access for all, and more  
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