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HEALTH Program 2023 Cohort

Publication Date: October 18, 2023

By: NWHN Staff

Based in Washington, D.C., the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) launched the Health Equity & Access Leadership Training Hub (The HEALTH Program) inHealth Program January of 2023. The HEALTH Program is a six-month curriculum designed to empower community reproductive justice organizations so that these groups can better:

  • Address health inequities that disproportionately impact marginalized communities.
  • Expand health care access through policy and advocacy
  • Improve health outcomes for women across the life continuum

Read on to learn more about the Network’s HEALTH Program 2023 Cohort.


Changing Woman Initiative

(Albuquerque, New Mexico):

Seeks to renew cultural birth knowledge to empower and reclaim indigenous sovereignty of women’s medicine through women’s stories and life ways. Visit their website. ~ Hear from their founder.  

Baobab Birth Collective

(Birmingham, Alabama)

DONA Trained Doulas and Certified Lactation Counselors serving Huntsville, Central Alabama. Visit their website. ~ Hear from Chauntel the Doula. 

Oshun Family Center

(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania):

The core mission of Oshun Family Center is to provide racially concordant care to members of the Black community that are struggling to cope with life transitions. Visit their website. 

Teen Health Mississippi

(Jackson, Mississippi):

To ensure that all young people in Mississippi have access to high-quality sex education and youth-friendly healthcare services. Visit their website.   

New Voices for Reproductive Justice

(Ohio , Pennsylvania):

NVRJ is dedicated to transforming society for the holistic health and wellbeing of Black women, girls and gender expansive people. Visit their website. ~ Learn about their Black Women Green Future program. 

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