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After more than twenty years, Cindy Pearson announced today she is stepping down as Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network.

Last night, the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the U. S. Food and Drug Administration’s medically unjustified requirement that people travel to a certified facility simply to pick up abortion pills that they are then allowed to safely take at home.

Contact: Evita Almassi, or (202) 682-6240

The NWHN and 42 organizations sent a letter today to the House Energy and Commerce Committee applauding their work on a bipartisan discussion draft to address cosmetics safety.

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This proposed federal abortion ban is a disturbing "new normal" in political brinksmanship. We must exercise our right to vote in November. Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Abortion is still legal, but this is a crisis point.

Teri Bordenave is an operations, leadership transition, and governance expert who has been helping nonprofits successfully manage change since 1979.

The NWHN applauds the court's decision, but encourages the public to stay vigilant.

The following statement can be attributed to Cynthia A. Pearson, Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network. Contact: Evita Almassi, or 425-749-1886 The FDA announced that it is reviewing its restrictions on mifepristone, a medication used for miscarriage...

In light of the recent decision by the U.S. government to resume using Johnson & Johnson vaccines in the race to protect vulnerable people from COVID-19, we are struck by the disparity between publicly disclosed information about the J&J vaccine...

Washington D.C. — As a national women’s health organization, we know that health justice demands racial justice. Being protected against racially motivated police violence is a health issue. This guilty on all counts verdict today is only one small step...

Late last night, the FDA announced that, effective immediately, both medication abortion and miscarriage patients would be able to access mifepristone via delivery from their providers or through mail-order pharmacies. This tremendous victory will ensure that patients and providers are...

We at the National Women’s Health Network are deeply concerned for the safety of our community members across the country as violence toward Asian Americans has escalated over the past year. We have said before and we will say it...