Introducing Charley, the nation's first abortion chatbot. 


Our Track Record:

The Network has supported access to safe, legal, and affordable abortion care since our founding. We've directly supported dozens of abortion providers via our RWV program, and successfully convinced the FDA to permanently remove medically unnecessary access restrictions to the abortion pill in December of 2021.   

What’s Next:

In the coming months, the NWHN will fight to restore federal abortion rights, expand abortion access, and educate the public. We will do this by:  

  • Creating and widely sharing reliable information about medication abortion and the organizations that facilitate access to this safe, effective method.  
  • Holding elected officials accountable for their stance on abortion access.  
  • Providing grant money and technical assistance to abortion advocates and providers.  

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Charley abortion chatbot

Charley, The Abortion Chatbot

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