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The National Women's Health Network is a 501c3 not for profit that represents the health interests of women across the life continuum. We maintain an intersectional focus on sexual and reproductive health, maternal health and the health and well-being of aging women. We work to improve women’s health outcomes through state and federal advocacy, consumer health education, and grassroots technical assistance initiatives. Since our founding in 1975, we have empowered millions of women nationwide to access high quality health care.   

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Press Releases

Policy Agenda 1.23.2024

The National Women’s Health Network Releases 2024 Policy Agenda

Health Program 1.23.2024

Meet Five Community-Based Reproductive Justice Organizations Who Will Take the National Stage This Year 

pregnant students rights abortion access

The NWHN Opposes the Pregnant Students Rights Act Which, Despite Its Name, Seeks to Limit Students’ Health Care Choices 

Conscience Rights Rule 1.9.2024

Biden Administration Restores Guardrails to Controversial Refusal of Care Rule 

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HEALTH Program Overview Learn what we’re doing to stop the maternal mortality crisis.

Our Policy Agenda – Track our work on today’s most pressing health policy issues.

The Your Health Unlocked Podcast Hub – Learn how we’re getting reliable health information out to the public.

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Rosa DeLauro

Federal Congresswoman (D – Connecticut)

I love what you’re doing. Whatever you need from me, I’m there.”

Nicolle Gonzales

Founder of The Changing Woman Initiative and NWHN HEALTH Program Grantee

The HEALTH program was super helpful and informative, it helped me understand more of what my role is in health policy and provided clear skills I can use in my work. I came away feeling supported and with new information I did not have access to before. I will be hosting a Native American Maternal & Reproductive Health Policy summit in the fall after getting the support from participants of this program.” 

Byllye Avery

Founder of the Black Women’s Health Imperative

 It’s always an honor to do anything with the National Women’s Health Network. Belita Cowan, the former head of the Network, took me under her wing. She taught me everything. The Network’s founders were brave. These women were bold. Please stand on their shoulders.

Josie Morgan

NWHN Member and Storyteller  

Thank you for allowing me to share my story. Probably more than you know, it’s been really healing and helpful to share it in a safe space, and I love the work that you’re doing.

Anonymous Texas Resident

NWHN Your Health Unlocked Podcast Listener 

“I want you to know that I had supported the Abortion Bill, until now. Until I heard how this could have potentially taken [Anna’s} life. It shouldn’t take an intense trauma story to convince anyone but I’m glad it did me.”


NWHN Your Health Unlocked Podcast Listener 

"I came to know this podcast from Twitter. Honestly - if you are a woman or a member of any marginalized group, this is the perfect podcast for you! It is an awesome resource for women in medicine and generally anyone who is interested in getting expert insights on various medical conditions. Again, there are a lot of podcasts out there competing for your time. This is one of the few that is worthy of our attention."