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Sex Ed for All Month: Best of Sex Ed Saturday Instagram Series

Publication Date: May 23, 2022

By: Carli De La Cruz

May is Sex Ed for All Month! To celebrate, here is a roundup of our most popular #SexEdSaturday posts on Instagram. This is an Instagram series in which the NWHN shares posts on sexual education facts and sexual health trends from health educators, sex educators, medical experts, and more!

1. How Uterus Size Changes Before and After Pregnancy by @drjenniferlincoln.

In this post that we wish was mandatory anatomy lessons everywhere, Dr. Lincoln, MD, IBCLC, a practicing OB/GYN, demonstrates how uterus size changes before and after pregnancy using anatomically correct medical models. She uses these to explain why we should reject “bounceback culture,” aka American society’s absurd notion that a woman should be able to get right back into shape after giving birth.

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2. STI Window Periods by @cliterallythebest.

In this post, UK-based Digital & Creative Strategist and Educator Evangeline Plumb cleverly explained that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) have different window periods for when they will show up on an STI screening by illustrating different window shapes for common STIs.

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3. Green Flags in Bed – Sex Ed by @cliterallythebest.

In this post, UK-based Digital & Creative Strategist and Educator Evangeline Plumb reveals what green flags can look like in the bedroom. We all know what red flags are. Green flags are the opposite of those. Green flags are encouraging things that a sexual partner does to ensure that their partner feels safe and comfortable to proceed with the encounter.

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4. Things That Are Not Consent – Sex Ed by

In this post, UK-based content creator Radicallove fills us in on the critical topic of consent. Spoiler alert – If it’s not an enthusiastic yes, then it’s a no‼️

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