Weighing Your Options: Depo-Provera and HIV Risk!

By Caila Brander, NWHN Policy Fellow Researchers studying the link between contraceptive use and HIV have uncovered a connection between using the Depo-Provera and contracting HIV. In light of these findings, the World Health Organization (WHO) has changed its safety classification for injectable contraception. Depo-Provera is the most widely used injectable contraception around the world, … Continued

Depo-Provera and Bone Mineral Density

Does the Depo shot cause massive bone density loss in teeth?   Depo-Provera is a progesterone-based contraceptive shot injected into the arm, upper thigh or abdomen. It is 97-99.7% effective in preventing pregnancy. Each shot lasts for about 13 weeks. A study published in the Journal of Periodontology reported that Depo shot users are more … Continued

Weighing Your Contraceptive Options

The National Women’s Health Network believes that everyone should have access to safe and effective contraception. If you have been experiencing severe pain, please report this to your doctor immediately. While we we don’t know if your pain is directly linked to Depo Provera, Depo Provera is commonly associated with a loss of bone mineral … Continued

Depo Provera and Bone Mineral Density

For decades, women’s health advocates have been concerned about the safety of Depo-Provera, the progesterone-based contraceptive shot (the shot). Some of the earliest concerns sparked by findings from animal studies have been laid to rest by carefully conducted clinical research, like studies showing that Depo does not increase women’s risk of breast cancer.1 The findings … Continued

Contraceptive Safety Concerns: What’s a Responsible Feminist to Do?

Here in the U.S., we aren’t very good at talking about contraception. In fact, we’re usually down-right terrible at it! Recent conservative attacks have focused public attention on how universally accepted contraceptive use is in this country, which may make it a little easier for us to talk about. But, these attacks have serious downsides … Continued