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Is It Dangerous to Stop Taking Prolia?

In clinical trials, results also suggest that people who stop taking Prolia and did not start another treatment experienced more vertebral fractures in the 10 months after treatment than people who had been taking a placebo. Researchers and physicians recommend that you do not stop taking Prolia without making a plan for further bone treatment.  

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Is the G-Spot Real?

While researchers from the Journal of Sexual Medicine could find no physical evidence of a G-spot in the largest post-mortem study ever on the G-spot, this does not necessarily mean that it is not real.

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Since You Asked – Can the COVID-19 vaccine affect your period?

With 45% of the US population vaccinated, many individuals have turned to the internet to share their vaccine side effects. Some women have reported experiencing increased cramping and abnormal period flows after being vaccinated. With many individuals experiencing changes to their periods, women across the United States are asking the same question: can the COVID-19 vaccine affect my period, and should I be worried?

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