Have you ever heard of AlgaeCal? I’m being deluged with ads saying any nutrient supplied in natural form such as from plants is better absorbed than nutrients supplied from rocks.

AlgaeCal is a calcium supplement produced by AlgaeCal Inc. that is made from red algae. AlgaeCal claims that their supplements slow bone loss, increase bone density, and are easily digestible. They say that because the algae plant draws calcium and minerals from seawater, the calcium is “pre-digested” and is more bio-accessible and “bone cell friendly.” … Continued

Rx for Change: Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetics often experience neuropathy (nerve pain or dysfunction); some people with diabetic neuropathy (DN) may be unaware of it because symptoms can be subtle. DN symptoms range from numbness or tingling to severe pain that interferes with daily activities and keeps people up at night. Numbness increases the risk of injury, especially to toes and … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G Spots In November, the U.S. Supreme Court helped strike down the harmful anti-choice “Oklahoma Ultrasound Act,” which forced a woman to have an ultrasound and be shown the images before she could have a medical abortion. The Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the case means that a lower court ruling overturning the law will … Continued