Hillary M Stemple Esq.

Publication Date: December 21, 2023

By: NWHN Staff

Hillary M Stemple Esq.

Board of Directors

Hillary M Stemple grew up in a rural town in West Virginia. She saw firsthand the impact the lack of access to health care resources could have, particularly on girls and women in her community. Through her work as a lawyer specializing in issues related to health care provision, she works with clients to address information gaps and access barriers to reproductive care. This work has also developed her understanding of how social disparities impact health care, particularly women’s health care, and she takes every opportunity she can to counsel the government, providers, and advocacy organizations about the steps they can take to address such disparities. As a new NWHN Board member, she hopes to provide insights into the regulatory and legal issues that create barriers to care that must be addressed to help ensure women in all communities have the access to health care and health information that they need.

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