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041: Menopause Must-Knows in 2024 with the National Menopause Foundation

Publication Date: March 21, 2024

By: Rachel Grimsley, (RN, BSN, MSN) Volunteer Health Officer

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the effects menopause brings to your personal and professional life? You’re not alone. Menopause can be a challenging time, with symptoms affecting every aspect of a woman’s life, including her career. But there’s hope and empowerment to be found in understanding and addressing these changes. Join Claire Gill from the National Menopause Foundation as we delve into this transformative period of women’s lives. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • What menopause is.  
  • The symptoms that affect women.
  • The powerful impact of estrogen decline on health and mental wellbeing. 
  • Strategies for supporting menopausal women in professional settings.  
  • How to advocate for menopausal support in the workplace.  
  • The importance of legislative action for women’s health in midlife.  

More about Claire:

Claire Gill launched the National Menopause Foundation in 2019. Its mission is to be a trusted and relatable resource to raise awareness and understanding of menopause through education, activism, and community building. Previously, Ms. Gill spent 20+ years in public relations and marketing for national nonprofits and public relations firms with Fortune 500 clients. A respected leader in women’s health, she serves on a variety of coalitions and working groups promoting the needs of women at midlife. She also hosts The Positive Pause podcast featuring interviews with experts on a variety of topics impacting women’s health and well-being. Ms. Gill is also Chief Executive Officer of the Bone Health and Osteoporosis Foundation, an organization dedicated to improving American’s bone health and preventing fractures. 

Resources for Episode 041:

If you think you might be suffering from menopausal symptoms, visit The National Menopause Foundation’s website and complete the symptom checklist to bring to your next doctor’s appointment and start the conversation about what you can do to improve your symptoms. It is now available in Spanish. 

Join Claire on The Positive Pause Podcast to hear about topics that impact women’s health and healthy aging, including what it means to age healthfully. 

Subscribe to Claire’s newsletter: The Hot Flash Newsletter to keep up with the National Menopause Foundation 

Visit the National Menopause Foundation’s Women’s Midlife Health Policy Institute to learn more about current policy issues that need your support.  

In March, the National Menopause Foundation will be launching a series of educational modules to help you learn about menopause, starting with the top three symptoms: Hot flashes and night sweats (vasomotor symptoms), Sleep Disturbance, and genitourinary symptoms.  

To learn more about the Women’s Health Initiative’s methodology, uses, and limitations, visit

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