The National Women’s Health Network Launches Pilot Program Helping Nonprofit Grassroots Health Organizations Make Change in the Policy Arena  

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The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN), based in Washington, D.C., launched the Health Equity & Access Leadership Training Hub (The HEALTH Program) early this year. The HEALTH Program is designed to shift paradigms and shape policy by partnering with grassroots health organizations across the nation to:

  • Address health inequities that disproportionately impact historically and systematically marginalized communities
  • Expand health care access through legislative advocacy!
  • Improve health outcomes for women across the lifespan and in all their diversities

The selection process for the pilot program began in June 2022. The NWHN looked for organizations that demonstrated a commitment to health equity and aligned with the Network’s mission, vision, and values. In January 2023, the program launched with an inaugural group of five organizations:

The HEALTH Program’s Inaugural Group
Baobab Birth Collective (Montgomery, Alabama)
Changing Woman Initiative (Albuquerque, New Mexico)
New Voices for Reproductive Justice (Pennsylvania & Ohio)
Oshun Family Center (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Teen Health Mississippi (Jackson, Mississippi)

These organizations provide accessible, expansive, culturally congruent care and services with focuses ranging from community wellness, prenatal care, doula and lactation services, mental health and wellness, sexual and reproductive health education, and reproductive justice advocacy.

The HEALTH Program’s grantee organizations receive both funding and technical assistance from the NWHN, including:

  • $14,000 in unrestricted grant monies for their participation in the 6-month program
  • Professional development from Ms. Byllye Avery, preeminent public health expert
  • Bi-weekly trainings on topics like translating practice to policy, federal advocacy, strategic planning, and sustainable development
  • Exclusive participation in an NWHN-organized and led Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

“For nearly 50-years, the NWHN’s commitment to advancing reproductive health, rights, and justice has remained unwavering,” said Denys Symonette Mitchell, NWHN’s Director of Federal Policy and founder of The HEALTH Program. “With the introduction of this program, we hope to help emerging and evolving organizations add their voices to the conversation and convert insight into influence on Capitol Hill and beyond by sharing our platform and expertise. Our vision of quality, comprehensive, accessible, and equitable healthcare can only be realized by ensuring an equitable distribution of resources, beginning with our own here at the National Women’s Health Network.”


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