Who we are

The National Women's Health Network is a group of consumer activists supported by a national membership of thousands of individuals.

We shape policy and support consumer health decisions; monitor the actions of Federal regulatory and funding agencies, the health care industry, and the health professions; identify and expose health care abuses; and mobilize grassroots action for women’s health.

Our Mission

We improve health by strategically shaping policy, expanding access, and providing accurate, unbiased information.

Our Vision

Quality, comprehensive, and equitable healthcare that empowers and supports us in our lives.

A Trusted Voice for Women

To safeguard our independence as a trusted voice on women's health, the National Women's Health Network chooses not to accept financial support from the pharmaceutical industry, medical device manufacturers, or insurance companies.

You touched my heart and reminded me why I donated to the NWHN long ago. It was a pamphlet in a community college library. It explained about breast lumps and most were benign. That gave me confidence & I never forgot to donate since then.

- Michelle, NWHN Member