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Is It Dangerous to Stop Taking Prolia?

In clinical trials, results also suggest that people who stop taking Prolia and did not start another treatment experienced more vertebral fractures in the 10 months after treatment than people who had been taking a placebo. Researchers and physicians recommend that you do not stop taking Prolia without making a plan for further bone treatment.  

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Osteoporosis Treatment

So, you just got home from the doctor with your DEXA bone density results in hand. You were told you have osteoporosis. Should you start taking medication? Are there things you can do without medication? What information can you trust?

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Osteoporosis: Screening and Diagnosis

Pharmaceutical companies trying to sell drugs have pushed for the adoption of flawed screening techniques that medicalized age-related bone loss. The result? Many healthy women were prescribed osteoporosis drugs despite their serious side effects and risks.

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