How much do different kinds of birth control cost without insurance?

By Elly Kosova When NWHN’s Policy Advocacy Director Sarah Christopherson was invited to speak at a Women’s Health Magazine panel on contraceptive access, she eagerly accepted, excited to talk to young women about their options. A few days before the event, she emailed me about a new research assignment. I think of myself as a … Continued

Get ready for the Rally to Protect Abortion Access on March 2!

On March 2, the National Women’s Health Network and thousands of other supporters will rally for reproductive rights in front of the Supreme Court. The Justices will hear arguments in the landmark case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. Make sure you are one of those supporters! This is our opportunity to tell the Court and … Continued

Holding the Line: Challenges to Reproductive Rights in 2016

Make no mistake — 2016 will be a monumental year for women and reproductive rights. From grassroots mobilization efforts to remove the harmful Hyde Amendment, to the increasingly contentious presidential election in November, a new era of reproductive rights and justice is in the making. Unfortunately, this new era includes battles on issues we have … Continued

10 Angry Men

There were many statements in the first GOP Debate that were false, crass, and indicative of the GOP presidential hopefuls’ ignorance of the needs of large factions of the American public.I paid particular attention to what the cream of crop of the GOP had to say about my uterus. Marco Rubio emphasized that despite prior … Continued

The Art of Activism

The image hangs in the entryway of the Dean’s Office in the College of Fine Arts at the University of Utah. An inkjet print of a photograph mounted on a frame, no border, no glass, but slightly larger than life, titled “SB-1433.” The photograph juxtaposes the bottom half of a White woman against a plain … Continued

Environmental Toxins Threaten Reproductive Health and Justice

Amidst the hard-fought battles to protect and expand access to basic reproductive health care, including abortion care and contraception, we don’t often stop to connect the dots between reproductive health and environmental health. This is due partly to the siloed nature of our two movements, and to the historically defensive nature of work to protect … Continued

Women Taking Abortion Pills on Their Own

When a woman in Idaho, who had taken drugs that she ordered over the Internet to end her unintended pregnancy, told a friend about what she experienced, she ended up under arrest, charged with a felony for having an illegal abortion. When a woman in Mexico suspects she might be pregnant when she doesn’t want … Continued