You Can Count on Us

As you already know, the cultural impact and multibillion-dollar profitability of Viagra and other male-targeted impotence drugs has prompted a rapidly accelerating race to create ‘Pink Viagra’ or similar drug treatment for women. Despite more than a decade of research and millions of dollars spent on development, drug companies have yet to develop a single drug that passes the FDA tests for safety and effectiveness. In response, a pharmaceutical industry backed campaign has been launched to persuade the agency to overlook the fact that most female sexual dysfunction drugs don’t work and to approve such medications in simply in the name of gender equality.

One such drug, flibanserin, is up for FDA review for the third time this week. In 2010 and 2013 we spoke out about our serious concerns about the safety and efficacy of this drug. The FDA heard us loud and clear and rejected this same drug already – twice. 

This time around we will once again be bringing women’s voices to the FDA, weighing any new research on flibanserin and evaluating its safety and efficacy information. You can count on us to dig deep into the evidence, and speak up on behalf of women.

Throughout this week we will be updating our website on our advocacy on flibanserin. Check here for more background information on flibanserin, press pieces, latest news, live reporting and commentary from the June 4th advisory committee at the FDA as it takes place. Also, if you have not already done so, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.