Health Pro Tips for a Notable November 2023

The best science, stories, and strategies related to this month’s national health themes. Check back throughout the month for new additions.

Diabetes Awareness

Native American Heritage

According to newly released census statistics, over 9 million U.S. residents identified in whole or in part as Native American and Alaska Native. Native American and Alaska Native people have long experienced lower health status when compared with other Americans. Learn more about these health disparities and organizations working to close the gap below. The graphic above depicts Annie Dodge Wauneka, Navajo Nation Leader and public health activist. Read more about her at the Women of the Hall.

  • Action Alert! November is National Native American Heritage Month  Every year on November 1, Native American Heritage Month is celebrated to honor the remarkable Native Americans who have contributed a lot to improve the character of the nation. Learn more about how to observe here.  
  • An Overview of Native American Health Disparities – Native Americans and Alaska Natives continue to die at higher rates than other Americans in many categories, including chronic liver disease and cirrhosis, diabetes mellitus, unintentional injuries. Learn more about the factors contributing to these disparate health outcomes from the Indian Health Service.    
  • Native American Women and Maternal Health – Native American and Alaska Native people experience disparities in pregnancy-related death and other maternal health conditions. Ongoing and historical trauma due to colonization, genocide, forced migration, and cultural erasure contribute to health inequities. Learn more from the CDC here.  
  • Featured Organization: The Changing Woman Initiative – CWI was one of the first organizations to graduate from the NWHN’s HEALTH program. Learn more about how they’re improving Native American maternal health and decolonizing birth knowledge on their website.  
  • What is the Indian Health Service – The Indian Health Service, an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, is responsible for providing federal health services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Learn more about their programs here.  
  • 10 Indigenous Educators to Follow on Social Media – A Lakota model. A native dance master. A global water activist. A two-spirit LGBTQAI activist. These are just a few of the native social media influencers taking the US by storm right now.  

Birth Control Access

In the United States, roughly six in ten women (61 percent) are on some form of contraception as of 2023. On Thanks Birth Control Day, we celebrate the history and importance of birth control to reproductive autonomy.   

Family Caregivers

 According to AARP, Across the United States, an estimated 38 million people, about 11.5% of the population, are taking care of loved ones in 2023. This represents nearly $6 Billion dollars in unpaid care across the US. Get resources for caregivers and learn how to recognize their contributions below.   

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