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All too often, the U.S. develops health policies without consulting community leaders and advocates who work directly with affected populations. Without fail, this lack of inclusion leads to insufficient policy that fails to improve health outcomes and results in people falling through the cracks.   
Here at the Network, we know that building a more equitable, higher-quality health care system means getting community providers seats at the table. That’s why we started the HEALTH program.  

Program Overview

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The National Women’s Health Network (NWHN), based in Washington, D.C., launched the Health Equity & Access Leadership Training Hub (The HEALTH Program) in January of 2023. The HEALTH Program is a six-month curriculum designed to empower community reproductive justice organizations so that these groups can better:  

  • Address health inequities that disproportionately impact marginalized communities
  • Advance reproductive justice priorities in federal legislation and rulemaking
  • Expand health care access through policy and advocacy
  • Improve health outcomes for women across the life continuum
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The HEALTH Program’s cohort organizations participate in a learning community where they receive professional development, mentorship and funding  from the NWHN, including: 

  • $15,000 in unrestricted grant monies for their participation in the program  
  • Professional development from preeminent reproductive justice experts in congruent fields  
  • Bi-weekly trainings on topics like translating practice to policy, federal advocacy, strategic planning, marketing/communications, and sustainable development 
  • Exclusive participation in an NWHN-organized and led Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill

Impact to Date

By the Numbers

people across the nation have been better served by HEALTH program alumni to date.


of 2023 HEALTH program alumni reported that the advocacy day facilitated by the NWHN was the first time they had an opportunity to speak to federal representatives directly.


in grant monies has been distributed to HEALTH program organizations to date.  


Here’s what some HEALTH program alumni had to say after completing the curriculum in 2023:

Learn More About HEALTH Program Organizations

When selecting organizations for each cohort, the NWHN looks for health care organizations that: 

  • Serve an underserved population or community  
  • Align with the Network’s mission, vision, and values  
  • Have been in operation for at least two years  
  • Have an annual operating budget of at least >$50K  
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HEALTH Program in the News

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Introducing the HEALTH Program Cohort for 2024

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HEALTH Program 2023 Cohort

Interested in Taking Your Health Organization to the Next Level?

We are now welcoming interest for the 2024 HEALTH program cohort. Inquire via the form below:

HEALTH Program Cohort Application


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