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The NWHN’s Statement on the 2023 State of the Union Address

Publication Date: February 08, 2023

By: Adele Scheiber

This statement can be attributed to Denise-Hyater Lindenmuth (MA, MBA), Executive Director of the National Women’s Health Network. Contact Director of Communications Adele Costa at [email protected] or by phone at 631 – 538 – 6348 for comments and questions.

The NWHN applauds the multi-faceted health priorities outlined in President Biden’s State of the Union Address last night. President Biden said that the State of the Union is strong. He said we have to finish the job and do something, and he has our backs as we build on this nation of possibilities.

We at the Network believe the nation can be made even stronger by promoting quality, comprehensive, and equitable health care that empowers and supports us in our lives. And we also agree with the statement that we have to finish the job and keep doing the important work that will lead to a healthier nation. Since 1975, the Network has worked tirelessly on many of the health improvement priorities the President outlined last night and will continue to do so.

We persuaded the U.S. government to launch and fund the largest-ever study on the health of aging women, the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI), in 1991. We have granted thousands of dollars to maternal health organizations working on the ground. We have been a tireless watchdog and advocate for advancing research around estrogen-dependent cancers. And we have spent the last 47 years advocating for abortion access – which is why we were galvanized to hear that President Biden would veto any attempts at a national abortion ban.

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