Crossing the Intersection of Immigration and Reproductive Justice

By Negar Esfandiari and Madelyn McKeague When we think of reproductive justice, our minds tend to gravitate towards subjects like abortion rights, maternal health, and access to birth control. In Trump’s America, it’s become easy to manufacture divisions among different advocacy issues simply because everyone is fighting to make their communities visible in the face … Continued

Abortion with Pills vs. Miscarriage: Demystifying the Experience

In the United States, pregnant people are often culturally discouraged from revealing their pregnancies in the first trimester and may discuss their miscarriages or abortions with their closest friends or family members, creating a veil of secrecy and shame around a very normal part of human reproduction. Fake women’s health clinics (sometimes referred to as “crisis … Continued

Getting Pregnant After 35

I’ve heard that it’s more dangerous for women to give birth after age 35 but I’ve also heard that that the dangers might have been exaggerated. What’s the truth? I’m 38. Are there things I should be worried about? If you’re over 35 and looking to get pregnant, you’re not alone. It’s becoming more and … Continued

G-Spots and Sore Spots

G-Spot Almost 80 percent of teenage pregnancies in the US are unplanned, and most of these are the result of failure of or lack of contraception – so it’s a good thing women have access to Emergency Contraception (EC)! The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just released a policy statement that EC is safe and … Continued