History made for contraceptive coverage!

Today, a woman buying emergency contraception over the counter will spend between $35 and $60. But in Maryland starting in 2018, she’ll be able to use her private insurance for any FDA-approved over-the-counter (OTC) contraceptive drug—with no copays! This important advance is thanks to the Contraceptive Equity Act, signed into law earlier this month. This … Continued

Essure & Challenges in Contraceptive Choice

Contraceptive needs and desires are as individual as the women who use them. All contraception should be safe and effective and not cause harm to the user; when thousands of women share stories of harm resulting from their contraception, the National Women’s Health Network (NWHN) listens. And sometimes, so does the Food and Drug Administration … Continued

“FDA’s Actions on Essure are Steps in the Right Direction” NWHN statement in response to FDA Draft Guidance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Cindy Pearson at cpearson@nwhn.org or 202.682.2640, ext. 0 Safe & effective contraception, including permanent contraception, is an essential component of women’s health and economic security.  Women rely on the FDA to make sure that the risks of contraceptive methods are low, and well understood.  Today, the FDA took important first steps to … Continued

Policy Issues: Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

In recent years, there has been a surge in the education and promotion of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs). LARCs are reversible birth control methods that are highly effective in preventing pregnancy, last for an extended period of time, and once inserted, work without user action. LARCs include intrauterine devices (IUDs, pictured) and contraceptive implants like … Continued

Fighting for Contraceptive Coverage Without Copay

Did you know that the ACA’s contraceptive coverage mandate means that all new health insurance plans have to cover contraceptive care without charging anything extra – like a co-pay or deductible? That’s the law plain and simple – however, too many insurers are still imposing restrictions on a woman’s preferred method of contraceptive. Some of … Continued

The Great LARC Debate

I am sure you have heard the hype. Not a week goes by without a major media outlet touting the successes of the family planning “magic bullet” called LARCs – long-acting reversible contraceptives. As many of you already know, LARCs are reversible birth control methods that are effective in preventing conception for an extended period … Continued

We Spoke Up and They Took Action

We are thrilled to report that National Women’s Health Week has kicked off with an exciting start. Today, the Obama Administration announced a new guidance clarifying that all new health insurance plans have to cover all methods of contraceptive care without charging anything extra – like a co-pay or deductible. Over the past couple of … Continued

I’m Mad as Hell…and I’m Going to Vote

I’ll say it again: I’m mad as hell — and I’m going to vote! I’m just plain furious about recent attacks on women’s health. From the Supreme Court to the state legislature, women’s health is being undermined by decisions that limit our ability to get the services and coverage we need in order to maintain … Continued

NWHN in Action – September/October 2014

By Goldie Heidi Gider, Director of Advancement What’s at stake? This is the question we often hear about health care coverage, drug safety, and safe abortion care. The answer: women’s lives! Thanks to our members’ generous support, the Network works on all fronts — advocating, collaborating, and educating to advance women’s health. Here are some … Continued

Access Denied: Immigrant Women and the Affordable Care Act

Together, we’ve obtained hard-fought victories that at one time we could only imagine, such as millions of women getting contraceptive coverage with no cost-sharing from their insurance plans as required by the new health care law. Historic decisions like this make health care reflect and respond to women’s needs. The National Women’s Health Network (NHWN) … Continued